Ideal location and quick response for your order fulfillment

Are you a cross border seller on online marketplaces like Amazon? Are you a Europe ecommerce seller with fulfillment needs? Would you like to sell your products in the Europe but your business is based abroad? Are you interested in finding an easy and convenient way to send products to your French and EU customers?

Inventory Management

Once we receive your items, we store, classify and track inventory levels, providing you with detailed reports and stock updates.

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Daily Order Fullfillment

We send your items every working day with 24 hourly update on next dispatch. This way you can offer reduced waiting time to receive items as early as 1 to 2 working days after order is submitted.

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Amazon FBA Prep/Removals

We do labeling and ad hoc work for Amazon FBA sellers. We correctly prepare your stock to be sent to Amazon's FR/EU warehouse after it arrives directly from your supplier. We also deal with bulk ASIN removals.

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Some of Our Shipping Partners

Some of Our Fulfillment Order Integrations

Why Chose Us

Seediz Logistics is both an asset and management based warehousing company, utilizing our own warehouses and personnel to operate and engage with our partners to create a dynamic warehousing solution. We continually strive for world class performance and solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Solid, Efficient, and free ERP

Seediz is based on highly secured ERP which follow any single parcels in the warehouse. Our ERP has a client interface allowing sellers to manage their goods at any time.

We can import your marketplace orders to be fulfilled, all data will be managed with the highest security level. Last but not the least, our ERP is free, you are not charged to use it.

Order Fulfillment System

Orders are imported automatically using marketplace webservices.

Every orders dispatched will be tracked with tracking numbers. Our after-sales team will ensure the full delivery of your parcels by communicating with carrier regularly.

Tracking number will be updated in your marketplace automatically.

Reverse Logistics: All previously fufilled orders which are returns will be quality-controled and integrated back in the Fulfillment stock automatically.

Marketplace Compliant

Seediz logistics team will ensure your products are compliant with marketplaces. For example, if you send to Amazon FBA warehouse, we will make sure parcel and pallet are fitting FBA requirements.

As we know e-commerce is changing fast, we will prepare in timely manner your shipments to different marketplace.

Value Added Services

Distribution and warehousing is constantly evolving in today’s economy. Stay ahead of your competition and exceed your customers’ expectations with Seediz's value added services: Assembly, Finishing, Tagging, Conditioning, Kitting, (re) Packaging, Packing, Labeling, Sourcing.

Seediz is able to manage your returns. We provide a return address to get back your returns and give a second life to your products.

We can provide prepaid returns labels for customers.

We also manage your returns from Amazon warehouses in France.